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That Illness Does Not Have You

That Illness Does Not Have You

Today is one of those days where I walk in the gym, get a warm up in, spend 30 minutes in the bathroom…and leave the gym.

Today is one of those days where my whole body feels like it’s being sucked dry of any energy or positive thoughts I send at it.

Honestly, I haven’t figured out yet the best way to combat these kinds of days. I think that’s because there is no single best way. Sometimes I realize I need a complete day off, I’ll cancel my appointments and zone out to netflix with a friend all day long. Other days I feel that I need to just push through, be strong, toughen up, and beat Crohn’s into the dust.

I used to feel guilty every time I took a total day off…like a lazy, good for nothing, slob. Then other days I would push so hard that the entire following week/month I’d be in a flare. It wasn’t working either way.

Now I listen to myself. I have enough trust in my intuition to know when I can push through and when I need a break. Enough self-esteem to allow myself to take a break without feeling guilty, and enough strength to push through when I know I can.

You may have a chronic illness, but that illness does not have you.


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