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Chronic Warrior


For the year, I’ve buried myself in what you could call “success literature”, “mindset” topics, and “greatness”. I’ve began to surround myself with people who are highly motivated, and highly successful, in either the financial arena, in life, in relationships, or all of the above.
I’ve noticed two key things in all of my research, and time spent with these people. One, they take responsibility for their life. Two, they work, and they work hard. And that is where I have struggled.
I’ve had people call me lazy, that it was all in my head, that I needed to change my mindset, that I needed to work harder. And truth is, all of those things are true in a way.
Have I used crohn’s as an excuse to do something I didn’t feel like doing, absolutely! Have I used it as an excuse to be negative and play the victim, to be sure!
Yet have there been times when I was pushing as hard as I could, but to the outsider I would look lazy? Definitely. That even though I made 30 bathroom trips, and shat myself in the car, I kept going with a positive attitude? Without a doubt.
I’ve had people tell me that they we’re never going to treat me like I was sick. To me that’s like telling someone with one leg that they will treat them as if they had two. Ignoring the issue does nothing, but focusing on it doesn’t help either.
I accomplished a huge breakthrough when I allowed myself to accept the fact I had Crohn’s, realize it was there, and then look through it, past it. I stopped spending SO MUCH energy fretting over how sick I was all the time, recaptured my dreams, and focused on them.
We all look at the world through lenses of our beliefs, pasts, and in our case, chronic illness. Though spending time adjusting your lenses now and then can be quite valuable, don’t spend your time staring at them. Look beyond, there’s so much life out there still to be lived.
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