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And the workout of the day is

And the workout of the day is

After my first set in the gym I knew I was in for a rough one. Every set after that was a struggle, my whole body felt fatigued. My gut had me in the restroom half a dozen times over the course of the workout.

A few years back I would have left the gym after that first set, or maybe not even have gone at all. I would have stayed in bed, turned off my alarm, and told myself, “It’s alright, don’t be too hard on yourself, you have a chronic illness!” Then I would have canceled my appointments, and took an easy day in.

Today I refused. I refused to give in. I didn’t just look Crohn’s in the eyes, I destroyed it. I finished every last rep. I showed up on time and with a smile at every appointment.

So what? Just power through? That’s my secret?

I took two naps today between appointments. I got an excellent workout in. I told myself hundreds of times to be positive. I focused on staying relaxed. I focused on today, not just getting through it, but crushing it. I texted a few friends to vent and ask for support. I even took a 30 minute break to watch Netflix and turn my mind off for a minute.

No matter how healthy you are, you will have bad days with this disease. There’s a liberating difference between being aware that you have a chronic illness, and using chronic illness as an excuse. One is empowered, the other is a victim. One can take a break without guilt, the other loses self-esteem by the minute. One trusts himself, the other doubts everything. One is in control of their own life, the other has given their power away.

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