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Chronic Warrior
Nate Ohlson "God my commander, freedom my mission, relationship my weapon, love my ammunition." - The Chronic Warrior

Hey, Nate Ohlson here,

Chronic illness, specifically Crohn's Disease, transformed my life.

But enough about what I want. What do you want?

If you've suffered from Crohn's or another chronic illness for any length of time, the greatest gift any one could give you would be to feel "normal" again. You're like a superhero, called to an epic destiny, yet forever struggling against the desire to be "normal". You want to live a normal life, with normal problems. You're definitely a super hero but unfortunately you don't have super powers. Instead, you're super sick.

Our doctors, as brilliant and helpful as they may be, have very little to say when it comes to things such as diet, exercise, thought life, or stress management. Unfortunately, all these neglected topics play a huge factor in our health. This is where we want to step in.

If you could ask for two gifts, the second would most likely be in regard to people. You're tired of explaining for the millionth time what your disease is, and annoyed by every acquaintance telling you how their brother's, uncles, cousin-in-law, twice removed has Crohn's disease and how they used X pill and now they feel 100% better!! Sure, they mean well, but seriously, you know it doesn't often work like that. You're boss is breathing down your neck about the multiple sick days you've taken and you're coworkers are starting to dislike covering for you.  To top it off, if anyone says, "You don't look sick!" one more time you will unleash a most foul string of cuss words at them(at least in your head). Though you can hardly blame people for acting the way they do, you sincerely wish they would just "get it".

I won't be nearly so bold to claim the we here at Chronic Warrior can return you to your normal, or unleash an awakening upon the world so everyone suddenly “gets it”. However, we can try.

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About Chronic WaarriorHere's what Chronic Warrior can do for you:
  • We have one goal.  To improve and change what you feed your mind and body, and the way you use them.
  • Creation of awareness around chronic illness.
  • A community for all the chronic warriors out there to rally behind.
  • Personalized coaching is also available. Check it out here.
  • Most importantly, we want to make you smile, and give you hope.
A word of caution: Crohn's disease, as well as many other chronic illnesses are highly individualistic. What worked for one may not work for another. However, we want to educate you on the options and tactics that have worked for others. Armed with this information, we hope to give you a head start on your illness. Most importantly, we want to re-kindle your fire.

Nathan Ohlson
"The Chronic Warrior"

DISCLAIMER:  We are NOT medical professionals.  Any information found on this site is not medical advice and should not be treated as such.